Sustainability—Many Definitions

• To endure


• To preserve and protect our planet for future generations


• To conserve, recycle and reuse


• To live in a way that values and respects the natural     systems and species that co-exist on this earth (FoCus)


• To minimize environmental impacts and maximize value received from dollars expended (CIWMB)


• To keep going or continue…the ability to carry on an activity indefinitely with minimal impact on the environment. (UC Davis, ANR)

Bel Giardino’s Focus on Sustainability


Bel Giardino’s focus on sustainability is on individual actions rather than national policy.  While supporting national initiatives such as “reducing carbon footprint” and “shopping locally”, Bel Giardino’s’ priority is on choices individuals can make to preserve and protect their own personal health and longevity, as well as that of the environment which they impact such as air, water, wildlife and their community.